Maddie & Tae have a new single out, "Shut Up and Fish."

The song, which the pair co-wrote, is off of their debut album, Start Here.

"Shut Up and Fish" is an upbeat tune that tells the story of a fishing trip with a new man. Through the catchy lyrics, listeners learn that the girls get annoyed with the man's antics when he wants to do more than just fish. By the end of the song, they have had enough ... and push him into the lake. It's a good example of the sassiness that fans have grown to love from Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye.

Maddie & Tae recently nabbed three CMA Awards nominations, for New Artist of the Year,  Vocal Duo of the Year and Music Video of the Year.

“It’s been like a bobsled this year,” Marlow says. “Every time we turned around, there was some incredible piece of good news! What happened with the single. What happened with the video … the ACM Vocal Duo of the Year nomination … touring with Dierks! You never want to take things lightly, because they’re exactly what we’d hoped for.”

Adds Dye, “To think that the songs Maddie and I write about our lives reflect what is happening in so many other people’s lives. It makes you feel connected to the fans even more! We are pretty regular girls with a very special job — and to know our music means enough for people to want to buy it the very first week it comes out? That’s an incredible feeling.”

Start Here is available for purchase through iTunes now.

Listen to Maddie & Tae, "Shut Up and Fish":

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