With the closing of Nashville's Lyric Street Records, the Walt Disney-owned label that was home to Rascal Flatts, Bucky Covington, Love & Theft and several other fan favorites, the move has shifted some artists to another label under the Disney umbrella, while a few are now unfortunately left without a record deal.

Joining Rascal Flatts at Disney will be Bucky Covington, Tyler Dickerson and Kevin Fowler. The other artists on the Lyric Street roster -- Sarah Buxton, Love & Theft and The Parks have been dropped from the label entirely.

While the unexpected move was a disappointment for all the artists, Rascal Flatts member Jay Demarcus says his group is as committed as ever to their upcoming project. "Although we are saddened for the people at Lyric Street whom we have worked so closely with over the last 10 years" he says on Twitter, "we are still very much excited about the new album we are currently making and bringing that new music to our fans." Later, he added even more reassurance to their devoted fans, adding resolutely that the move "doesn't affect us one bit."

Rascal Flatts are nominated for an ACM Award t for Top Vocal Group of the Year, will perform during the ceremony, set to air live from Las Vegas on Sunday, April 18 at 8:00 PM ET on CBS.

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