While Luke Combs is still riding the high of his wildly successful debut album, This One's for You, and its deluxe reissue, This One's for You Too, the country star says he has no intentions of resting on his laurels.

"I recorded 20 songs in January and am recording hopefully 20 more songs next January, all songs that I've co-written," he explained to The Boot and other outlets at a recent press conference.

With so much new music in the works, it seems likely that a sophomore album won't follow far behind. "I mean, I think I'm always working on new stuff, so that's kind of a loaded question," Combs cautions. "[But] there are definitely big plans for a second record."

Combs goes on to say that while he's often asked if he worries about whether or not the new music will live up to the success of his debut, he is "in no way feeling the pressure."

"I think my thing has always been to do the same thing, and my advice to people is always just to write stuff you would want to listen to. I think that's how I got to this juncture," Combs adds. "Because I don't really think there was much that I was hearing where I was like, 'Man, I love that,' so I set out to go write stuff that I felt like I wanted to be hearing. I've been doing that ever since. So I think album two will be great, and yes, it is in the works."

However, Combs notes that while he's not necessarily feeling the need to succeed, the push to produce a record that will both satisfy fans and help him grow as an artist is an exciting challenge. "It's more like, how can I make this next record be what the fans expect it to be but also something that pushes me as a songwriter, whether that be lyrically, melodically, creatively ...," he explains.

Not only has Combs' life changed since writing the songs that appear on This One's for You, he admits, but success has also affected the songwriters he's collaborated with, too.

"Most of the time, I'm still writing with the same guys that I wrote with on this first record," Combs relates. "It's really neat to have seen all of us kind of catch our stride together, and a lot of the guys are out in town writing full time now. So when we get back together, they've grown so much as songwriters."

In writing for his second album, Combs says that both he and the writers he work with will bring some new skill sets to the project, but they still know how to deliver the kind of songs that won fans' hearts in the first place.

"I've been through so many new things, and so have they ... so it's really neat to get to do that together and push the boundaries together," Combs shares. "[We want to] give these people that are so invested what they want to hear, while pushing ourselves at the same time."

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