Last year, Luke Bryan widely expanded his fan base with the release of his multi-platinum selling single, "Country Girl (Shake It for Me)." Since then, the married father of two has noticed that a fair majority of those fans are of the female persuasion, which doesn't bother him a bit.

"You want women to think of you in a sexy manner," Luke tells the Chicago Tribune. "It's all part of the business. It drives ticket sales. It's all a part of it. My focus is trying to make great music and putting on great shows, and whatever happens beyond that is a bonus to me."

Surprisingly, the Georgia native's wife, Caroline, doesn't have a problem with woman who lust after her husband either. "Women are getting more and more comfortable where they can have a little fun too. I'm happy about that," he notes. "[Caroline] laughs about it. She enjoys it too. She understands that it's all a part of the game."

The former agriculture worker, who grew up working at his father's fertilizer company, says that the lessons he learned from his early employment are helpful as his career continues to build. "From my dad I learned to be good to people, to always be honest and straightforward," the singer-songwriter notes. "I learned hard work and perseverance."

The 36-year-old, who enjoyed his first platinum-selling CD with his 2011 album Tailgates & Tanlines, isn't worried about the fame changing who he is as an artist. "The main thing is stay true to who you are," he tells The Boot. "When it happens unnaturally and when it's forced, it gets a little weird. You just make sure you love it and that it's the music that you want to be represented by. The rest is out of your hands. It's up to the fans and the people who buy the album."

Luke is currently crossing the country on Jason Aldean's My Kinda Party tour, and will play in Virginia and New York this weekend. See his tour schedule here.

Watch Luke Discuss When He Knew He'd 'Made It'

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