Luke Bryan recently came face-to-face with the artificial intelligence (AI) version of himself, with decidedly mixed results.

During a stop on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, the singer reacted to an AI-generated version of a Luke Bryan song, and shared his thoughts on whether or not such a song might ever make it into his real-life catalog.

It also started when show host Jimmy Kimmel brought up Bryan's impressive 30-song catalog of No. 1 hits. Bryan hit that career milestone back in December 2022, when "Country On" became his 30th No. 1 single.

Of course, a superstar like Bryan is always on the hunt for his next smash hit, so he was open to hearing the AI chatbot's best shot at writing a country song in the style of himself. If anything, he was a little intimidated that the computer might put him out of work, he joked in the clip, saying, "The problem with me is I'm scared it may actually be better than the stuff I've written."

When Kimmel queued up the "largely generated by artificial intelligence" Luke Bryan song — along with a video montage that was made by a human — the singer shivered and giggled at the eeriness of the whole thing.

"This'll be interesting. Guarantee you a beer'll be in there," he said.

Cue the music, kicking off with an uptempo drum beat and a vocal line that included lots of country buzz phrases — "back road," "guitar," "small town boy" and more — but, surprisingly enough, no mention of beer.

Though the casual country fan could indeed peg it as a typical Bryan song, the more discerning ear will notice that the instrumentation and vocal delivery is a little rootsier and more rock-influenced than is typical of the singer's performance. Still, for a song mostly generated by a chatbot, it was a pretty decent attempt.

"Drivin' down these back roads, just me and my ol' guitar / Tryin' to find my way back home but it seems so very far," the song's lyrics read. "I'm just a small town boy / Livin' in this crazy world / But I'll keep on singin' my songs and lettin' my voice be heard."

After the song's conclusion, Bryan seems to feel a little relieved that — at least for now — the chatbot isn't giving him too much competition in the songwriting field. "I think I'm okay for now on the AI," he says. "The problem is, if I really sound like that, yeah, 31 [chart-topping hits] will not happen."

"They might actually take one of your No. 1 hits away," Kimmel jokes.

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