Luke Bryan recently injured his hand in a grisly fishing accident, and he opens up about the incident in a new interview, explaining how a fun day of fishing with a friend turned painful.

The country superstar has a lake on his property outside of Nashville, and as he tells Jimmy Kimmel in the clip below, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (April 7), he keeps it stocked with bass, and he also stocks it with trout for the bass to eat and get bigger. He invited his guitar tech and friend, Russ, out to the house to go bass fishing, and as he explains to Kimmel, "I accidentally caught a trout."

He was trying to remove the hook from the trout to throw it back in "and just, the trout kicked, slipped, and the hook went right through my hand ... I'm like, 'We got a problem, Russ.'"

Bryan ended up with two barbed hooks embedded in his hand — "one to the bone," he says, while the other one was visibly sticking all the way through the sensitive flesh between the first finger and thumb. He turned to social media to share excruciating-looking pictures and videos as he and Russ sought medical attention for his hand.

"My first thought was, 'I've ruined Russ's fishing trip and might lose an employee over this,'" Bryan jokes, but the situation actually turned out far better than it might have. Remarkably, they returned to their fishing trip after the hooks were removed with not so much as a bandage on Bryan's hand.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bryan discusses his mother LeClaire's Instagram fame, the unusual baby gift he gave Katy Perry's little girl and more. Bryan is currently at work on a new season of American Idol, and he's set to release a new deluxe edition of his most recent album, 2020's Born Here, Live Here, Die Here, on Friday (April 9).

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