While it may have seemed to the audience that the much-loved TV singing competition American Idol pulled off its remote episodes during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic without a hitch, Luke Bryan has something to say about the actual bit of havoc that went on behind the scenes.

As he revealed to Kelly Clarkson during a recent appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Bryan found that he — specifically, his more rural location in Tennessee — caused some unexpected problems for the production as a whole.

"We set up big TV screens and monitors and stuff like that, " he told Clarkson. "But the problem was that Lionel [Richie], Katy [Perry] and Ryan [Seacrest] live in LA. Like, all of their internet is fiber-optic internet. Its like, we used to think dial-up was fast! I live 25 minutes south of Nashville, and our internet was holding up [everything] ... It was creating problems.

"We had this dude in a satellite truck come out. He could not even come inside; he had to sleep in his truck," Bryan adds. "We had to get him a Porta-Potty ... This was at the height of COVID. It was the only way we could get good internet connection!"

Not that Bryan seems to mind much about the challenges. "The thing about Idol is, it is just a fun gig, " he enthuses. "When you are a part of being the first people to see a star being born ... working with Lionel, Katy and Ryan, it's no drama. Im not trying to be a bigger star than Katy Perry, and we know we'll never be a bigger star than Lionel!

"We just all have our own fun little role," Bryan adds, "and we just focus on the kids."

American Idol is currently taking remote auditions from hopefuls across the country through early September for its next season.

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