Luke Bryan is one country music's most in-demand entertainers, but that isn't what he considers his most important role. The Georgia native says being a husband to wife Caroline, and proud father to his two boys, 4-year-old Bo (pictured above) and 2-year-old Tate, takes priority over anything else in his life.

"[Fatherhood] grows you up really, really quick. Your life suddenly doesn't necessarily become about you," Luke told The Boot and other reporters at a recent media event. "That love as a parent, that connection and love you have as a father, and that love and respect that you get from watching your wife and the work she puts into it is something that's pretty amazing. When I get off the road and I walk in the door and I know that the boys have just been tearing the house down, and my wife's able to still smile at me and ask how it was on the road is pretty amazing."

Luke is also aware that his sons are following his every move, both on and offstage.

"To watch your boys pick up a guitar and walk around the house and try to sing like Daddy, it's just so many levels of changing," he says. "But I think the main thing is, my actions reflect my family, and that's enough for me to make my actions a lot more careful. Am I going to make mistakes and do stupid stuff? Certainly. But I will always try to put my family first and their wishes first."

Luke wed his college sweetheart in 2006. For him, it was love at first sight, but Caroline needed a little more convincing.

"It took me eight seconds to figure it out and it took her about eight years to figure it out," he explains. "I had to drink a lot before I could go talk to her, but I did. Somehow I managed to ease over there and somewhat be charming. It was one of those situations for me, it was like, 'Who is that and how do I go talk to her? And, yep, I'm going to marry that girl.' It all happened right there at Dingus Magees, in Statesboro, Ga.

The "Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" singer says he and his wife come from similar backgrounds, which is why they get along so well.

"We grew up in good-timing families, and when I say good-timing, our family environments were always kind of the nucleus environment," Luke says. "I grew up where, at the end of the day, farmers, my dad's customers and friends, they'd all meet up at our house. They'd sit out by the pool, have a couple beers to wind the day down. My wife's environment was kind of the same way. A lot of people coming in and out of their house. The weekends were spent having a good time. Going down to the lake and going down to the beach, stuff like that. We have a good time with our lives ... When we know we have the kids, we have to reign the good time in. But when we're going out to more of an industry thing, or go down to the beach for a few days, we'll have a big old time."

Luke will continue his Dirt Road Diaries tour this week with stops in Wisconsin, Iowa and Illinois. See a list of his upcoming shows here.

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