Luke Bryan may have a lucrative career as a singer-songwriter, traveling all over the nation and enjoying the perks that come with his star status, but he's still country to the core. He actually lives the lyrics of his song, 'Country Man': "I'm a country man/A city boy can't do the things I can/I can grow my own groceries and salt cure a ham ... I can hotwire your tractor and plow up your land."

During his free time, the Georgia native loves to hunt and fish, and he has high hopes his two sons -- Bo and Tate -- will enjoy those activities as well. He's even in the process of buying some acreage outside of Nashville to be able to do "guy stuff."

"I have somewhat of a man cave under construction, and it's where my deer heads will reside and my massive amounts of travel pictures and my old slimy large-mouth bass pictures," Luke tells The Boot. "But I'm kind of driving [my wife] Caroline crazy. We're buying some property outside of town, and it'll [be the place] where my boys can become country boys, I've been organizing all of that the past month. So, when I come into town, I've been consumed with all of that. It's about an hour out of town ... Caroline doesn't want to be that far out, so I love where we've got our house now. It's a neighborhood. Bo can ride his bike and play with the kids next door and we're in town. But then we've got this land we're buying. It can totally be where the four-wheelers are and the tree houses built and the squirrels are hunted down with BB guns. Sorry, but it's going to happen [laughs] I'm excited about that, and the fact that I've got two boys doing it is going to be even cooler."

Luke is currently riding high on the country charts with his latest single, 'Someone Else Calling You Baby,' and he'll have plenty of time to work on those tree houses and deer stands since he only has one date on the books before the end of the year. He is scheduled to perform in Crystal River, Fla., on December 11.

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