Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline, are finding parenthood gets a little easier the second time around. The Georgia natives are proud parents two-year-old Thomas Boyer (nicknamed "Bo") and Tatum Christopher ("Tate"), who was born in August 2010. And in spite of their anxiety when they had their first son, the Bryans say the addition of a second son is actually helping them relax.

"Tate is just chilled out. He doesn't throw up every time he eats, and he sleeps," Caroline explains to People. "We're getting better. You just know the deal on the second one."

It was a different story with Bo."We were treating him like a Fabergé egg every time we picked him up," Luke explains of his first time being a dad.

"Bo had two surgeries early and he's had every illness you can get," Caroline adds.

Now happy and healthy, Bo is a proud big brother, although Dad Luke admits there have been a few trying moments. "Sometimes [Bo] will walk up and poke Tate in the eye, but mostly he just tries to love on him too hard," the singer laughs.

"Bo's done really well. He has his moments where he asks me to put Tate down," Caroline adds. "He likes to hold him and kiss him."

Tate may be a little young to understand his father's busy schedule, but Bo is starting to understand what it's like to have a celebrity for a father. "He understands [what I do]. He recognizes me on TV and stuff," Luke explains to The Boot. "He definitely knows that I'm a singer. Whether he equates that in his head or not, I don't know, but he certainly recognizes me on TV. He loves having a guitar and playing it at home. He's a trip!"

Luke and Caroline, who have been married four years, still carve out quality time together, even though Luke's schedule can make it challenging. "We had a movie night planned and [the band was] late coming home. Caroline said, 'Let's just cancel and you can spend some time with Bo,'" Luke recalls. "But I was like, 'No, we've been planning that.' You still have to give your wife ample time, too. I think some people get so encompassed [in] pleasing their children, they forget to tend to their marriage."

You can read more about Luke, Caroline, Bo and Tate in the latest issue of People Country, on newsstands now.

Luke is in the running for both an American Music Award and four American Country Awards. He will finish up his run on Jason Aldean's tour next month and then kick off the New Year by joining Rascal Flatts on the second leg of their Nothing Like This tour.

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