Luke Bryan's third studio album, 'Tailgates & Tanlines,' will be released August 9. The announcement came during a live video chat with fans, which included the singer's acoustic versions of two new tunes: 'Drunk on You' and 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye.'

While 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' is one he's been playing live, 'Drunk on You' was a never-before-heard tune. "It's a song that a buddy of mine, Rodney Clawson, [co-wrote] and the second I heard it I knew it was something I was going to cut," Luke told the fans who tuned into the webcast on his Facebook page. "We feel it will be a fun summertime song."

From an undisclosed location on Nashville's Music Row, Luke's rendition of the song was as laid back and casual as the tune, which tells the story of a man who is admiring his girlfriend. The hook is "I'm a little drunk on you, and high on summertime."

After the performance, Luke smiled his trademark grin and again spoke to fans:

"I didn't mess up on it. [laughs] ... Because you tuned in and hung through my bad guitar playing and little bit weird singing, we we are going to preview the 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' video ... We went out to L.A. a few weeks back and we got a lot of dancers -- a lot of 'purdy' dancers as my son Bo says -- so we went out there and shot a really cool video ... The lead girl was actually from a very, very small town in Southern California, and it's pretty cool that she was a country girl who got to shake it a lot in the video."

Of course, many Luke fans have great faith that 'Country Girl (Shake It for Me)' will be his fourth No. 1 in a row after 'Do I,' 'Rain Is a Good Thing,' and 'Someone Else Calling You Baby.'

"We feel like it's a life-changer," Luke tells The Boot of 'Country Girl.' "What's interesting is, I wrote it with my buddy Dallas Davidson, who I wrote 'Rain Is a Good Thing' with. Me and Dallas, heck, we always listen to crazy music, and we were on iTunes one day listening to some hip-hop songs. We said, 'We need to talk about getting some country girls to shake it a little bit.' We just laughed about it. And then we started working on it, and we wrote it."

Luke's next concert is scheduled for May 10 in Pikesville, Ky. For more concert news, check here.

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