The release of Love and Theft's new self-titled album is nearly two weeks away, but the duo is offering a sneak peek for those who can't wait. The project is their first with new label home, RCA Nashville, and is set for release July 24. Until then, fans can preview the tracks and pre-order the album here.

"This record represents the way we sound live," Love and Theft's Stephen Barker Liles says. His cohort, Eric Gunderson adds, "You get the warmth and the emotion of the players vibing together in the room. We feel like we have made the record we've always wanted to make and we can't wait to find out what people think about it."

Love and Theft consists of 11 songs, including the group's current Top 10 single, "Angel Eyes," which Eric penned with Jeff Coplan and Eric Paslay. Thanks to the tune's success, the pair is getting their music to an entirely new audience.

"We're getting a lot of excitement on Twitter and Facebook," Eric says. "People that have just never been fans of ours before are saying, 'Oh, wow, I just discovered this brand-new band, Love and Theft.' Little do they know we've been around for [laughs] seven years, but it's just cool to have new fans and new, fun, exciting reaction to a new song like this. Maybe they think it's a different band -- who knows? But we're getting new fans, and the song is impacting and reaching a lot of people, so it's been really exciting so far."

Speaking of exciting, Love and Theft is currently on Brad Paisley's Virtual Reality world tour. "We've learned a lot from the artists we've opened for over the last few years like Brad, Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw and Taylor Swift," Stephen explains. "It's been a really cool experience. Hopefully, one day we'll be able to show other artists the same generosity that's been shown to us."

The boys are also picking up smaller tour dates as they come. Their next stop is tomorrow (July 12) in Marietta, Ga. Check out their current list of shows here.

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