Love and Theft have selected their first single on their new label, Curb Records: "Candyland" will officially be impacting country radio on Oct.10.

Despite taking its name from the children's board game, "Candyland" is anything but child's play. Readers can press play below to hear an acoustic version of the single.

"Ooh baby, ooh baby, the way you move, baby / Melting like kisses in the palm of your hand / Do what you do, baby, all sweet and smooth, baby / Turning this room into Candyland," the boys sing in the song's chorus, evoking visions of both real kisses and the chocolate kind. "I, I, I gotta take, just, just one more taste / Do what you do, baby, all sweet and smooth, baby / Turning this room into Candyland."

In the clip, Love and Theft joke that "Candyland" was inspired by the board game -- its title, at least -- "but it's not about that."

"It's about, like, an adult Candyland inside your room ... you know what I'm saying?" Stephen Barker Liles says, adding an exaggerated wink to get the message across.

In March, Barker Liles and duo partner Eric Gunderson signed on with Curb Records and, after releasing their last project independently, expressed their excitement at having more resources and opportunities to promote future albums. There is no word on when their next disc will be released, but fans can catch Love and Theft on the road throughout the fall; more details on upcoming dates and other new music can be found on their website.

Listen to Love and Theft, "Candyland":

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