Lost Saints are ready for a party in their new single, "Hook Up." The rising country trio is debuting their sophomore single with The Boot; press play below to listen.

Written by Lost Saints member Chris Biano along with Brandon Chase and Quinn Loggins, "Hook Up" is an upbeat, good-time soundtrack. Biano and his bandmates, Afton Addington and Derrick Casteel are enjoying a weekend-long getaway, complete with a lakehouse, pontoon boat and jet skis.

"I got the weatherman saying no chance of rain / Not a cloud in the sky for the next three days / If you want to float with a drink in your hand / I’ll send you home with a caramel tan," Lost Saints sing over a steady beat and handclaps, before harmonizing on the chorus: "I got the hook up / On a summertime good time kicking with the sun shining high up / If you wanna leave them worries with the wake in the water behind ya / Well, honey, you’re in luck / 'Cause I got the hook up."

A pre-bridge guitar solo and a chorus of echoing "hey!"s add to the song's carefree feel. Don't think too hard about this one -- put it on and let your worries wash away.

"It’s a fun song about leaving your worries behind and heading out on the water with friends in tow," Lost Saints tell The Boot of "Hook Up." "We had a blast recording this one and can’t wait for everyone to hear it."

Lost Saints formed in Nashville in 2017. All three members grew up singing in church, so they bring those gospel influences to their country sound.

"Hook Up" follows Lost Saints' debut single, "We Don't Fight." Fans can learn more at LostSaintsMusic.com.

LISTEN: Lost Saints' "Hook Up"

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