Loretta Lynn is set to be honored with an all-star birthday tribute concert in April, and the legendary country performer says that she's thrilled to be at the center of such a talented group of artists -- and to get to know those that she hasn't met yet.

"It feels great. It feels great," Lynn said at a press conference announcing the event. "I love our artists that's coming on, and, you know, I don't know them [all]. But I listen to them, and ... I can't wait to meet them."

Lynn says that while she's excited to see all of the performers at the concert, she's not planning to get onstage herself: "I'm there to listen," she adds with a smile. She is, however, hoping to spend a lot of time writing songs in the near future.

"I've done quite a bit. I wanna get back into it real good, like I used to write," the iconic singer goes on to say. "Like, I used to write all the time. Now I'm just writing when I want to.

"And that's not good, because I don't want to!" Lynn adds with a laugh.

A massive gathering of country's brightest stars will honor Lynn at the upcoming birthday showcase; the bill includes Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Miranda Lambert, Trisha Yearwood, George Strait and many others. A big part of Lynn's formidable legacy rests in her authentic, powerful storytelling, but when asked to define what has made her songwriting resonate with so many, Lynn offers a simple answer.

"Well, when I would write a song ... I would write about my life and what was going on around me right at the time," she explains. "How I was feeling, and how some of the other girls were feeling out there. So, I tried to write their songs."

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