At 88 years old, Loretta Lynn is at a higher risk for COVID-19 simply due to her age. Fortunately, she's now on her way to being vaccinated against the virus.

On Saturday (Jan. 16), the legendary musician posted a photo of herself, dressed in a knit hat and warm jacket, during her trip to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Her Instagram post also includes an extra snap of Lynn showing off her "I got my COVID-19 vaccine!" sticker.

Lynn says she made a mother-daughter outing out of the appointment: "I bundled up and Peggy Jean and I rolled out of Hurricane Mills so I could get this vaccine," she shares. Peggy is the youngest of Lynn's six children with her late husband, Oliver "Doolittle" Lynn; she and her twin sister Patsy Eileen are 56.

"I’m sure glad to get it and am sure ready to put COVID in the rear view mirror!" Lynn adds. "And I enjoyed the mom daughter time, too!"

Lynn isn't the only famous country name to have received a first round of vaccination against the virus: Willie Nelson, who is 87, got his first of two shots on Jan. 13.

There are currently two different COVID-19 vaccines available in America. The first one approved was the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine, which, according to the Center for Disease Control's website, consists of two shots in the arm that are administered 21 days apart. The second approved COVID-19 vaccine is from Moderna; it is administered via two shots in the arm 28 days apart.

President-elect Joe Biden, who will be sworn in on Wednesday (Jan. 20), has proposed an aggressive national vaccination plan for the beginning of his term, with the goal of getting 100 million Americans vaccinated.

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