LoCash earned their first No. 1 hit in 2016, with "I Know Somebody," the second single from their The Fighters album. For duo members Chris Lucas and Preston Brust, their success is sweeter because it follows so many years of hard work.

"It’s a great feeling," Lucas tells The Boot. "It’s been 11 years of doing this."

Adds Brust, "Country radio put us there; they put us there with the fans. We couldn’t be more blessed and thankful right now."

"I Know Somebody" is one of only three songs on The Fighters that Brust and Lucas didn't have a hand in writing; however, they knew that the song was for them from the first time they heard it.

"It was pitched to us about two years ago, when "I Love This Life" was about in the 40s [on the charts]. So for the songwriters [Rhett Akins, Jeremy Stover and Ross Copperman], who we know very well, to pick us and to let us sing it when we were an independent artist, we never had the success of radio, to believe in us ...," Lucas remembers. "I’m a huge fan of that song -- huge. I sent it to Preston, and I was like, ‘This is a radio smash. It’s a smash. We’ve got to sing it.’ He agreed, and someday, it became a single, and here we are."

LoCash's latest single, "Ring on Every Finger," was also written by three outside writers, including Akins' son, Thomas Rhett, as well as Josh Kear and Jesse Frasure.

"It’s a great tune; it’s real cleverly written. It’s got a nice little dance beat to it, but it’s romantic at the same time," Lucas muses. "I think it’s cool it’s [out now], to have it around Valentine’s Day. A lot of guys are going to hate us, and a lot of women are going to love us."

Brust and Lucas also hint that there could be a remixed version of "Ring on Every Finger" coming in the future, with "a huge pop star, who wants to be on a remix of this song," according to Brust.

"We can’t tell you who we were hanging out with ...," Brust teases, "[but] if you go through our Twitter, you might be able to find out who it was."

The Fighters is available for download on iTunes.

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