LoCash duo member Preston Brust is off the market! The singer proposed to his girlfriend, Kristen, during a performance on the Grand Ole Opry.

"Thank you to the Grand Ole [Opry] for giving us an unforgettable night!," LoCash tweeted, along with a picture of Brust being kissed by his new fiance.

The Grand Ole Opry also helped celebrate the good news, tweeting, "It was quite the night for @LoCashMusic tonight! He popped the question...SHE SAID YES!"

LoCash are steadily climbing the charts with their latest single, "I Love This Life."

“We’re not trying to change the world, and it’s not rocket science, and it’s not a real deep song; it’s just something that makes you feel good,” Brust tells The Boot of the tune. "When Chris and I took it out on the road, and we started performing it … the very first time we played it, everybody’s hands [were] up in the air, everybody started smiling, everybody started moving, and it was like, okay, we’ve got something here.”

Brust will undoubtedly serve up the band's own brand of wine at his upcoming wedding. The singer, along with bandmate Chris Lucas, launched their own wine, Shipwrecked, earlier this year.

“We have always been huge wine guys,” Brust says. “A good bottle of wine is like a good song — its various ‘notes’ and aromas take your mind and senses to new depths. It’s a creative experience. I think that’s why we like it so much.”

No word yet on plans for a wedding ceremony. Congratulations to the happy couple!

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