The LoCash Cowboys are celebrating their first song recorded by another artist ... and a huge superstar artist at that. The hardworking twosome managed to land their first cut by none other than Keith Urban.

"We just found out that Keith Urban recorded a song that we wrote and it's on his new album," LoCash Cowboy Preston Brust tells The Boot. "It's called 'You're Gonna Fly,' and it's the number two song on his album."

The cut, on Keith's 'Get Closer' album which hit stores this week, is an even bigger deal when you consider that it's the first for a group of songwriters who are fairly new to the business. "We wrote it with another guy named Jaron Johnson," Preston explains. "We went over to Jaron's house and he had a little bit of a hook going there, and it was written on the premise of one man's trash is another man's treasure. It's about a girl who might be coming out of a broken relationship and a tough time in her life and have a little broken wing, but she's gonna fly with me ... if she gives me the chance. It's an uplifting love story, and three rookie writers came up with it, and we wrote it in about an hour. It came out and it just clicked. It's our first cut!"

"So what a good way to start ... How are we gonna top that one, huh? We're retiring, we're done," jokes Chris Lucas.

The LoCash Cowboys, who with many more cuts like this may soon have to change their name, have a new album coming out in February called 'This is How We Do It.' They continue to burn up the roads touring as well, admitting, "Oh yeah, the first of the year we're back on the road ... we never stop!"

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