Little Texas are preparing to release a new album, Young for a Long Time, which will include a song, "Slow Ride Home," that was inspired by an incredible moment that the band witnessed on the road.

On the way to a show in Rooks Country, Kan., from the windows of their bus, the band witnessed a community come out in force to support a fallen soldier, and the outpouring of support moved them to write the tune.

“While still a long way out of town, we started to notice a lot of American flags lining the highway, and at every little crossroads and at the corners of the fields, there were people on foot, on motorcycles and standing in the beds of their pickups all waving their own small flags," says guitarist and vocalist Dwayne O’Brien. "This went on for miles and miles."

The day wasn't a patriotic holiday, so the band was curious about the scene. They later discovered that, just behind their bus, was a soldier's funeral procession.

"Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Bryan J. Nichols, a native of the area, was killed on Aug. 6, 2011, when the Chinook helicopter that he was flying was shot down while carrying members of the Extortion 17 special operations unit in Afghanistan (the same Seal Team Six that later brought down [Osama] Bin Laden)," O'Brien explains. "Seeing the way that town welcomed their fallen hero home really moved us to write the song.”

The lyrics of "Slow Ride Home" go beyond simply telling the story of the grief of losing a soldier; they also praise the towns and communities across the country that come together in the healing process. You can listen to the song below.

Little Texas' Young for a Long Time is set to be released on April 14. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to Little Texas, "Slow Ride Home":

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