Eighteen of Little Jimmy Dickens' guitars are going up for sale.

The guitars, from Dickens' personal collection, are being put up for sale through Gruhn Guitars in Nashville. According to the Tennessean, most of the guitars show signs of use -- buckle rash, from rubbing against Dickens' belt buckle, for example -- but have their original hardware; however, two special-edition instruments are in perfect condition. Some of the guitars were restored after being damaged in the 2010 Nashville floods, while others have undergone other repairs.

One of the priceless guitars, shown on the Tennessean's website, was a present from Waylon Jennings. A personal message from the country legend to the Grand Ole Opry icon is inscribed on the instrument: "Jimmy, You're a Hell of a Man."

The 18 guitars are priced between $1,500 and $20,000. Gruhn Guitars owner George Gruhn -- a friend of Dickens who is representing his estate in the sales -- says that two of the instruments have already been placed on hold.

Dickens passed away in January at the age of 94, after suffering a stroke in late December.

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