Little Big Town wrote 'The Reason Why,' the title track to their 2010 album with producer Wayne Kirkpatrick, when they gathered at his Nashville-area home to write for the disc. For the quartet, the song sums up their joy in finding their spouses, having their children and finding each other.

Kimberly Schlapman: We wrote it toward the end of the sessions. That one just started out with the beginning of a verse, really an idea. In the moment, we started talking about all the good things in our lives: love, family, all those things. Who knows why it all comes together?

When we got in the studio and started to record it, it felt really great. We knew something special was happening with that track.

Karen Fairchild: At first we just wrote the chorus. As the songwriting went on, we started changing the structure, and we decided instead of group vocals, we'd have a duet between Jimi [Westbrook] and me.

When I was diving into the chorus, I just said, "the reason why." I don't even know why I said it. We were just writing, talking, getting ideas from each other. We were talking about how content our lives are, how blessed we are, and one thing led to another. I'm not even sure what inspired it. I think I just blurted it out.

Jimi loves developing lyrics from cocky lines, taking a different slant -- "I could love you baby, if you want me to / I could go and fall for you, and never even try ..." -- and that was a cocky line. We decided it [prompted] a change in the lyrical direction of the song.

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