Lindsay Ell fans have been waiting for this announcement: The country singer-songwriter's take on John Mayer’s Continuum album -- dubbed The Continuum Project -- will be released on May 25.

Ell’s The Continuum Project started off as a homework assignment of sorts from her producer, Kristian Bush, geared towards harnessing the singer's creativity and honing her musical talents leading up to the creation of her album The Project. Ell had strict guidelines she had to follow while recording every aspect of Mayer's album, from vocals to melodies, by herself in her studio; she co-produced and co-engineered the project.

Lindsay Ell the Continuum Project
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Continuum, released in 2006, is Mayer's third studio album. Bush told Ell to select her all-time favorite record for the project, and that's the one she chose.

"Kristian taught me some of the most valuable lessons as my producer from this ‘homework’ assignment," Ell explains in a press release. "He gave me three rules: I needed to play all the instruments myself, I needed to record it alone in my studio, and I had two weeks. Through it all, I remembered all the things I first loved about making music."

This summer, Ell is scheduled to open for Keith Urban on his Graffiti U World Tour in her native Canada. A list of all of Ell's upcoming shows is available on her website.

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