Lee Ann Womack fans, listen up: Rising singer-songwriter Liddy Clark has recorded a cover of Womack's hit "I Hope You Dance," and she's sharing the song's music video exclusively with readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

Clark's "I Hope You Dance" music video takes the song's title both literally and figuratively: The clip begins with Clark and a friend enjoying a carefree day, but when they come across a group of people "sitting it out," as the song says, they decide to change that. Those people are then featured throughout the clip, dancing in various styles.

"It’s so important for every generation to know that there is so much life beyond our phones," Clark explains to The Boot of the idea behind the video, "and we should cherish every second that we are alive.”

"I Hope You Dance" was originally a No. 1 song for Womack in 2000; written by Tia Sillers and Mark D. Sanders, the song stayed at the top of the charts for six weeks and earned Womack a number of awards. One of Clark's cousins -- Drew Womack, formerly of the country band Sons of the Desert -- inspired Clark to cover the song. Drew Womack and his band are guest vocalists on Lee Ann Womack's version of the song (though the two Womacks are not related), and after Clark heard her cousin perform an acoustic rendition of the track a few years ago, she asked him to record a new version of it with her.

"Because the track is so universally loved, I’ve always been a fan of this song," Clark shares, "and getting to portray this message to the next generation of country is something I’d really love to do.”

Born in Plano, Texas, and raised in Parkland, Fla., Clark has grown up in the entertainment industry. She's been acting and modeling since the age of nine, but she picked up the guitar when she was 12 years old and wrote her first song a year later. During high school, she attended Berklee College of Music's summer programs for three years, and is now enrolled at the University of Southern California's Thornton School of Music.

Clark has opened shows for artists including Scotty McCreery and, at 14 years old, received a personal invitation to perform at Loretta Lynn's ranch. Fans can visit LiddyClark.com to learn more about her music and her upcoming performances.

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