Denver-based country singer-songwriter Leslie Tom is debuting her newest song “Didn’t Think Twice” -- a deeply personal track for the artist -- exclusively for readers of The Boot.

Tom based "Didn't Think Twice" on her grandfather’s military service during World War II; the artist tells The Boot that one of her passions, "aside from my family, is working with our active-duty military and veterans to help them achieve their goals inside or outside of the service." After someone sent Tom a poem called "Just a Common Soldier," she was inspired to write about her grandpa's service, so she recruited her father, a war history buff, as well as Maj. Chris Story, a friend in the United States Marine Corps, to ensure that the subject matter of the song was completely accurate.

“I would write a bit of the song, record a voice memo on my phone, text it to Chris and my dad for feedback and then make additional tweaks based on their thoughts of what was written and sung," Tom explains. "This went on for about a week,” then she headed to Texas to write with Billy O’Rourke. The duo weaved together Tom’s grandfather’s military experience and other war stories.

Tom recorded “Didn’t Think Twice” with Pete Scobell, a country singer-songwriter who worked with Wynonna Judd and Cactus Moser to record his own music. The partnership was a natural fit, considering that Scobell is a former Navy SEAL.

"I listened to all of his work, researched his service history and was completely intimidated when we finally met the first time,” Tom recalls. “Much to my surprise, he was one of the nicest people I've ever worked with in the music business and, to this day, is someone I consider a friend and confidant."

“Didn’t Think Twice” is a standalone single, but Tom plans to release an EP in early 2017. Fans can pre-order the single, prior to its Veterans Day (Nov. 11) release date, through Tom's official website; all proceeds from the song will benefit the Travis Manion Foundation, founded in honor of Scobell’s Naval Academy schoolmate who was killed in action.

Listen to Leslie Tom, "Didn't Think Twice":

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