Lee Brice released his latest single, "Rumor," to radio during the summer of 2018, but the country singer says that song is just the beginning of a batch of new music. Brice has been hard at work sketching out what he calls a "rough draft" of his next album, and now that he has an idea of what kind of project he wants to release, the artist can't wait to get back in the studio and get down to brass tacks.

"On this last record [2017's Lee Brice], I purposely wanted to keep it very organic: me and the band, very simple," Brice explains. "But I also love all kinds of music, and I've always had that in me. So I'm thinking ... I'm not sure yet, but I'm thinking that this record, I wanna just have fun, and I wanna go crazy and do whatever it is that I feel like doing."

Brice goes on to say that while he doesn't know quite yet exactly what will be included on his next project, he does know that fans can expect the unexpected. "There's a good chance that this record just pops out and does some crazy stuff and, honestly, is just very original and different," he notes.

"I'm not sure exactly what it's gonna be yet, but I know it's gonna be creative," Brice adds. "It's gonna be a lot more creative than just the band playing, you know what I mean?"

In fact, that open playing field will give Brice a chance to express some long-held musical influences that may not have had a chance to work their way into his songs prior to now: "All the music I've listened to my whole life is gonna come out," he continues, "and I feel like that's what's gonna be on my next record."

Brice hopes to have his next album completely recorded by the "end of summer" of 2019. He spent the holiday season with his family, but said prior to that, "come mid-January, we'll hit it again and I'll start writing again, start tightening up that record."

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