Lee Brice is off the market! The 'Love Like Crazy' singer popped the question to Sara Reeveley on Jan. 2. The couple has one son together, 3-year-old Takoda. The big moment came while the family was vacationing in Key West, Fla.

"She was getting ready for dinner, around the corner, I kept getting almost caught trying to take the ring in and out of my pocket," Lee tells Us Weekly. "I walked around the corner, acted like I was putting on my bracelet saying, 'Hey, I think I may wear my rings tonight,' and asked her if she would wear one. I pulled hers out of my hand, got down on one knee and asked her."

Lee first met Sara by chance, nearly 13 years ago. "We met in a storybook way," Lee told The Boot. "I was walking on North Myrtle Beach one night, when I was there on vacation. I was around 18 years old, and it was just me and a few buddies, and we were looking for girls. It was raining and dark, so no one was on the beach, and then this girl walks by in this big ole sweatshirt, and you can't tell if she's attractive or not. Just as she walked by, the light hit her just right and I'm like, 'She's gorgeous.' So I said to my buddies, 'If she turns around, I'm going to go walk back to her.' I looked back and the next thing I know, she's turned around, so I went after her. We sat down on the beach and talked, then I went and got my guitar and played songs for her on beach."

The first obstacle the pair had to overcome was geographical. "She's from Ohio, so I went there to see her," he explained. "We dated a little bit, and then while I was in college we were just friends. I dated other people and she had a boyfriend, but we stayed really great friends. She's such a cool person and someone who's really special."

Lee was in Ohio on a radio tour a few years ago and decided to look Sara up. "I hadn't seen her in years, and she looked the same," he said with a smile. "We started dating a little bit, and then we had our little boy. We didn't get married right away because we didn't want to do that just because we had a baby. If we got married, we wanted to do it for the right reasons. She's just an awesome person and a wonderful girl."

There's no word yet on a wedding date, but a move date is likely in the near future for Mom and son.

"I finally get to marry that beautiful girl I met on Myrtle Beach years ago," Lee tells Us Weekly. "I can't wait to get Sara and Takoda to Nashville, so we can all be together."

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