It's been more than three years since Lee Ann Womack has released a new album but that's about to change. Lee Ann confirms she's working on the follow-up to 2008's critically-acclaimed 'Call Me Crazy,' with husband Frank Liddell in the producer's chair.

"We've cut about half of [the record]," Lee Ann tells Nashville's Tennessean, adding that she believes this album will show more of her authentic self. "Frank is really good about helping me keep who I am at the forefront, but also making it fresh."

Liddell, who has produced all four of Miranda Lambert's albums, including the just-released 'Four the Record,' is reportedly making sure his superstar wife stays true to her roots. "I'm a traditional country music freak so we always have a lot of that mixed in," Lee Ann notes. "I think it's important to keep that alive. It's really the common thread through all my records."

The mother of two is dividing her time between the studio and the stage. Her upcoming list of shows includes stops in Texas, Alabama and Las Vegas. Keep track of her schedule here.

No release date for the new album has been set. 'Call Me Crazy' yielded the hits 'Last Call' and 'Solitary Thinkin'.' Lee Ann's most recent single was 'There Is a God,' released in 2009.

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