When Lee Ann Womack released 'Call Me Crazy' last fall, she wasn't sure what kind of reaction to expect from the country music industry. "This record has a lot of things that you might not be able to put in a box or classify as one thing," the singer tells The Boot. "There's my straight ahead traditional country stuff that I write, and then there's a few songs that I got from outside writers, like 'Solitary Thinkin',' which was written by Waylon Payne, and 'The Bees,' written by Natalie Hemby and Daniel Tashian. I tried to give each song the treatment that I felt like it needed."

That treatment certainly worked. Lee Ann has received praise from fans and critics alike, and scored a Grammy nomination for the album's first single, 'Last Call.' "The industry reaction means so much to me, more than anything probably, since I came to town 20 years ago from East Texas," Lee Ann admits. "When we put out this record and the industry embraced it the way they did, I couldn't have asked for anything better."

Lee Ann loves traditional country music, a style she grew up listening to with her father in Texas. It wasn't until she moved to Nashville that she realized the genre has a much broader realm. "When I first moved here I didn't know anybody, didn't know what to do. I just knew that country music was my life, that's all I cared about. So I went to work interning at a record label and went to school at Belmont College, and it was incredible. But after I had been in town awhile, I realized that everybody's idea of country music is not the same as mine. That's true today too, you know -- you have the more traditional and the more contemporary."

While Lee Ann may feel a little lonely on the traditional side of country, she is thrilled that Jamey Johnson is here to keep her company. "When he came along I was like, 'Thank you God' because sometimes I do feel like I'm floating around out there on my own. When he opens his mouth you can hear what he listened to when he was growing up. I love singing with him. We're talking about recording something together when we can write the right song."

The songstress goes on to say she's open to doing a duets album one day. "I've been lucky to sing with Willie Nelson and George Strait, but there are a lot of people I'd love to sing with so I would love to do a duets record."

As for her own music, Lee Ann just keeps pushing the bar higher and higher. "I know now that I put more expectations, higher expectations, on myself than anybody else, and I just know that I just need to make the best music I can and not try to judge according to anybody else or my own expectations."