"I wanted to make sure I picked songs that people want to hear," Lauren Alaina tells USA Today about her upcoming album, 'Wildflower,' out October 11. "I don't want to work on an album that someone doesn't enjoy. Like, if someone likes slow songs, there are some on there they can enjoy. If someone likes uptempo, there's stuff they can enjoy."

With only weeks away from the album's arrival, the 16-year-old Georgia native has released the official track listing for the 12-song collection, which features the singer's first single, 'Like My Mother Does.' The 'American Idol' runner-up admits her transition from fan to artist hasn't fully set in.

"I'm kinda new to the whole artist thing; a fan is basically what I am," Lauren acknowledges. "So when I was listening to my songs, I tried to think if my favorite artists, like Carrie Underwood or Miranda Lambert, were singing some of these songs, which ones would I want to hear? That's how I picked my songs."


One song in particular, 'Eighteen Inches,' may sound like something Carrie would record, probably because the fellow 'American Idol' alum had a hand in penning the tune. Speaking about the track, Lauren shares her personal connection to the song.

"She got married when she was 17, and she had a baby. And they moved here, to Nashville," says Lauren of a close friend. "Her husband is going to college and has a full-time job, and she stays at home with the baby, and she doesn't know anyone here. She moved here to support him. That's the story of that song."

Though Lauren claims only one writing credit, the singer says her debut album is an accurate representation of her personality and life experiences. "They have different feels a little bit, but they're all me," she says. "If the story in the songs didn't happen to me personally, they remind me of something that has happened to someone I know or someone in my family."

Lauren's first single, 'Like My Mother Does,' has become the singer's first Top 40 country single. In promotion for her album release, Lauren will perform at the Women Rock for the Cure event, 'Opry Goes Pink,' held at the Grand Ole Opry on October 22. Click here for ticket information.

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'Wildflower' Track Listing:

1. 'Georgia Peaches'

2. 'Growing Her Wings'

3. 'Tupelo'

4. 'The Middle'

5. 'Like My Mother Does'

6. 'She's A Wildflower'

7. 'I'm Not One Of Them'

8. 'The Locket'

9. 'Eighteen Inches'

10. 'One Of Those Boys'

11. 'Funny Thing About Love'

12. 'Dirt Road Prayer'