Lauren Alaina has released a music video for her newest single, "Next Boyfriend."

The video starts off with a shot of a neon sign that introduces the song. From there, we see Alaina leaning against a car at a crowded parking lot party, when a boy across the way catches her eye. The two flirt throughout the clip, which also includes shots of Alaina (and others) showing off her moves in a dance circle and singing the song in a flattering black dress. Skateboarders, neon lights and bright colors add to the video's late-night party atmosphere.

“You look a lot like my next boyfriend / I can’t believe how much you act like him,” Alaina sings in the song. “You and me, we’d be unbelievable / And I’m available / No, I don’t think it’s a coincidence / I put it all together, it makes sense / Boy, you ain’t no fling or a could’ve been / You look a lot like my next boyfriend.”

"Next Boyfriend" is the first single off of Alaina's recent self-titled EP. The former American Idol contestant co-wrote all five of the tracks that appear on the EP, including "Next Boyfriend," which was co-written by Matt McVany and Emily Weisband.

The Georgia native underwent vocal cord surgery in 2014, which gave her a break from touring and the chance to focus on her newest project. Alaina says that her time off “was the best growing experience I’ve ever had.”

“Out of everything I’ve ever done, I had time to figure myself out, come into my sound,” she explains. “I’m excited for people to hear it. It’s a new me.”

"Next Boyfriend" is available for download from Amazon and iTunes.

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