As if we needed more proof that Lauren Alaina has a heart of gold! The country songbird is in the middle of her Eighteen Inches tour, which benefits local charities in each city it visits. But she took a break from the road this past weekend to surprise Jordan Trunfio at the West Springfield High School homecoming dance in Springfield, Va.

According to Washington, D.C.-based radio station, WMZQ, Jordan has a Stage 3 Astrocytoma brain tumor that continues to grow, despite radiation and chemotherapy. A nursing student at nearby George Mason University, Meredith Oare, was part of a T-shirt fundraiser for the high school football player. When Meredith met Lauren backstage at a recent concert, she told the country star about Jordan's tragic story. Lauren was so touched that she cleared her calendar and crashed the homecoming dance so that she could meet Jordan herself. See photos of the two at the dance here.

The story gets even sweeter: Jordan was named Homecoming King at the event. So this more than made up for the fact that Lauren had to miss her own high school homecoming dance in Georgia a few weeks ago.

Find out how you can help Jordan fight his cancer here.

Watch Lauren Perform '18 Inches' in Our Studio

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