Looks like teen country star Lauren Alaina needs to hold her horses, or rather her 550-horsepower, and not hop behind the wheel of her fancy car just yet. "No drivers license," she tweeted.

Earlier this fall, the 'American Idol' runner-up picked up her show prize, a red Ford Mustang Shelby GT convertible, at a dealership in Rossville, Ga., dressed in a matching red cheerleading outfit for the occasion and exclaiming, "This car is bad!" Yet, Lauren couldn't take the wheel, for lack of a license. So, Lauren's mother Kristy Suddeth drove the Mustang off the lot, with the 'Georgia Peaches' singer having to wait until passing her driver's test, originally scheduled for last week.

"I didn't fail the test, I slept through my appointment," Lauren explained via Twitter, adding, "ha ha #epicfail."

The recently slimmed-down country sweetheart has a learning permit, but now she just needs a schedule adjustment and obviously a good night's sleep!

Watch Lauren Alaina's Live Chat With Fans

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