Laine Hardy performing new music from behind an acoustic guitar is a special thing. The singer and Season 17 American Idol winner dropped "Memorize You" in July and recently sang it live at the Taste of Country Nights studio.

He didn't write it (credit Eric Arjes, Michael Tyler and Steven Dale Jones for that), but he certainly feels it when he's singing: "I wanna know your heart by heart and your kiss by kiss / Wanna know what it was like / Every day before me / What’s your story, baby? Wvery single line / What makes you laugh, makes you dance, makes you fall like only love can do / Give me some time with your smile, baby / I wanna memorize you." 

Talking to ToC Nights' Evan and Amber, Hardy recalls hearing the song for the first time alongside his trusted producer Michael Knox. Knox — who has also produced most of Jason Aldean's biggest albums — has been by Laine Hardy's side almost since the beginning of his post-Idol career. Both knew they needed to cut this song when they heard it.

The 20-year-old Hardy has been busy writing as well, and he's not afraid to write love songs. None about his current girlfriend have come to life quite yet, and he's still a little shy about talking about her, although he admits she likes hearing his love songs.

“When I look at her and I sing her something, she blushes," Hardy says. "We both do."

"Memorize You" debuted nationally on The Bachelorette on ABC in early July. It's the follow-up single to "Other LA," "Tiny Town" and "Ground I Grew Up On."

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