On Lady Antebellum's album Ocean, the trio is vulnerable about the things that matter most to them. For singer Hillary Scott, her role as a parent is at the top of that list.

After having twin girls in 2018, Scott wrote album track "Let It Be Love" with Jordan Reynolds and Amy Wadge. Its powerful chorus, featuring lyrics including "The love lifts you up / I know it's hard sometimes to see it, but it does / Oh, it's a power that will rise up / A well that never dries up," encompasses Scott's feelings for her newborns at the time, and how she aims to be an example of love to them and her older daughter, Eisele. 

Read on to hear the story behind "Let It Be Love."

My baby girls, my twins, were eight weeks old. Jordan [Reynolds] and Amy [Wadge], my co-writers, came over to my house, and we just kind of went down to the basement of my house and started writing it.

Amy is a mother of two daughters; Jordan is married, but no kids yet, but is a super heart-forward human being. The verses are really [about] the things that you struggle with, all of us as human beings. The choruses are talking about how love covers it all, and how we are given the choice to choose love, and to let it be love that we choose in the midst of all the other emotions that we feel in other circumstances.

It’s kind of a prayer to my girls, in a way. Also, [it's] just very much keeping myself in check, making sure that I’m leading from that place and not letting anger or envy or a lack of humility be where my decisions are being made from.

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