Nashville-based singer-songwriter Kyle Cox is readying a new EP, and in preparation for its release, he is debuting one of its brand-new songs, "Just Outta Reach," exclusively on The Boot.

"Just Outta Reach" is sonically upbeat, even while the lyrics wax poetic about a girl whose love is -- you guessed it -- just out of reach.

"She's got everything that I'd ever need / But her love, oh, her love is just outta reach / I find the lock, but she holds the key / To her love, oh, her love, it's just outta reach," Cox sings. "I could give her my best, but what good would it be? / When her love, yeah, her love is just outta reach / I could climb the highest mountain peak / And still her love, oh, her love'd be just outta reach."

Even with its admissions of not being able to woo the girl, "Just Outta Reach" isn't the type of song that will propel you to sink down into the dumps; rather, Cox's smooth vocals and the tune's poppy melody will make it seem almost worthwhile to have those "just outta reach" things in life.

"I had been toying around with the phrase 'just outta reach' for a little while -- something that you can almost taste but can't quite grab ahold of," Cox tells The Boot. "I think all of us have had that experience a time or two, not just with relationships, but with life in general, whether it's a job, or promotion at a job, graduation from school, etc.

"I decided to run with the relationship idea," he continues, "and although I am married, I have experienced (and I assume everyone has) in the past being attracted to someone you feel is so close yet so far from knowing who you are."

Cox says that recording "Just Outta Reach" "was actually pretty much a breeze." And although he wrote the song, Cox is aware of the differences that often develop from the time that a song is written to the time that it's recorded -- so, he tries to stay flexible.

"I'm not a parent, but I feel as though it's the same with raising kids: Sure, you have an idea of how you want your kid to end up, but I also believe every great parent gives their kid plenty of options and opportunities to become exactly who they are most created to be," Cox explains. "I do the same thing with songs when I record: I may have some small idea of the direction it should go, but I also want to hold pretty loosely to that specific idea and give the song whatever opportunities I can to let it become what it should be."

Cox's EP, Trio and Friends, is set for release on June 3; the five-track project is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. For information regarding Cox's upcoming show dates, visit his official website.

Listen to Kyle Cox, "Just Outta Reach":

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