East Nashville singer-songwriter Korby Lenker is premiering the music video for his new song “Northern Lights” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

The first track on Lenker’s newest album, Thousand Springs, "Northern Lights" explores what happens when you let go of what you know and take a step into the unknown.

“You can’t arrive somewhere without leaving something behind,” Lenker says. “There is a necessary loss that always accompanies exploration.”

The "Northern Lights" video further explores that theme, this time through the lens of “what it means to be a creative person — a person who looks, finds, discovers, abandons.”

“Being in the throes of a creative outburst has a feeling of luck about it, of being chosen. Your muse discovers you,” says Lenker. “For me, there is something innocent and childish about living a creative life. Art is essentially playful.”

Directed by Anthony Shafer, the video for “Northern Lights” was filmed in Marin County, Calif., and San Francisco, Calif. It features Lenker alongside a cast of child actors, some of whom are dressed in chicken and robot costumes. Segments of the video were filmed in San Rafael’s Industrial Light and Magic Studios, famous because George Lucas shot the first three Star Wars films there.

Thousand Springs was released on July 14. Learn more about the album and Lenker at KorbyLenker.com.

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