Only a few days after Kip Moore called out a scalper, Brent Miller, on Twitter for allegedly scalping tickets to his Chicago show, the singer is taking yet another stand in speaking out against scalpers -- this time with ESPN radio host Jeff Thurn.

It all began when Thurn tweeted a response to Moore's Twitter feud with Miller.

While most of the tweets exchanged between Moore and Thurn have since been deleted, Nashville Gab reports that Moore replied in a series of tweets, "that's where u don't know sh-- ...I set the prices w my agents. I realize u think ur smart but ur so off base ... I set that price to give everyone a chance at a show, scaled back production and damn sure don't have pr telling me to ... not talking any further w a moron...but I'm sure you'll like the attention your about to get ... I work tireless hours at my craft. People that sit around and buy my tics just to sell them at outrageous price is not cool.. Buying up 20 seats and screwing my fans rubs me wrong and makes me wanna have this convo in person w u to ... always gonna b a punk like u in this world..u don't know anything bout me. Done w this. Hope to c ya round the bend."

Thurn didn't waste any time in replying to Moore's Twitter rant. In a series of tweets, he accused Moore of using the issue as a PR ploy, and questioned whether the singer had ever given back any of the money scalpers had spent on his tickets.

Apparently, the two men chose to battle it out on the airwaves. They spoke on air on ESPN radio Monday (July 14).

Moore doggedly defended his position on scalping, explaining, "I fought with my agent, managers and everyone keeping these tickets at an affordable cost where people like my dad  -- I grew up going to Braves games and we could afford the high seats, which we never could now, the way we grew up. But what a release that was for a blue collar family to go and do that together. And you said that, you made the statement of, 'Well, what difference does it make if only the people that can afford it can go to it, go?' That’s such a twisted way of saying it, because my dad killed himself every day working 70 hours a week, and what that meant to us as kids to be able to go do that together and that release that gave us. That’s what I am trying to fight for and that's the people I am trying to fight for."

The singer explained that he's cut back production and scaled everything down to ensure that he can offer lower ticket prices.

"I’m not making near as much as you think I am," he stated,  "and I am trying to make an affordable ticket, and then all of a sudden these scalpers find out it’s a hot show and that they're selling out fast, and they have ways and means with their computer systems to get tickets quicker than anybody else. And you are telling me that it’s okay, after all the work I’ve done over the years to finally get to this position, and I am fighting for these people and it’s okay for some weasel behind a computer to get on there and take my $45 dollar ticket and turn around and sell it for $150? And do it that fast and buy up 20 tickets? You’re telling me that’s okay? If you’re telling me that’s okay, then I don’t feel like you stand for anything, man.”

Meanwhile, Miller took Moore up on his offer of a free ticket and pass to meet the 'Dirt Road' singer backstage after his show on Saturday night (July 12) in Florida.

According to Miller's Facebook page, their encounter didn't change either of their minds.


Moore's attack against scalpers began last month, when he penned an open letter.

“I could sit back and ignore it, because I know it’s a losing battle, but I just can’t do that," he said. "People are trying everyday to fix this problem, but it’s a difficult task."

Moore will head to Michigan, Ohio and Canada this week. A list of all of his shows is available here.