Kip Moore fans have been clamoring for new music for quite a while, but if the singer's Thursday afternoon (Feb. 21) Ryman appearance is any indication, they might not have to wait too much longer.

Moore joined the all-star lineup for UMG's annual luncheon and showcase at the iconic venue during the 2020 Country Radio Seminar. He was fresh off a two-month surfing trip, he told the crowd, and ready to crack good-heartedjokes at the expense of his label and team.

"I almost came in here shirtless just for you, but I figured the thong was traumatizing enough," Moore said to someone standing in the wings. He then turned to the crowd to add some context, saying he'd played a joke on "all the guys" when FaceTiming them to present some of the new music off his upcoming record.

"I'm always messing with Brad on FaceTime shirtless, and he's like, 'Oh, why you gotta do that?'" Moore recalled. "So I made a video for the whole team, and I was just talking...and I was wearing this shirt, sitting down, saying, 'I hope y'all love the new music and by the end of it, I said, 'Brad, I stayed properly clothed just for you.' And then I got up and I was wearing a thong and I walked off."

Perhaps even more intriguing than the visual of Moore in a thong was the mention of new music, and when he launched into his performance, the singer delivered: After starting things off with a rendition of his current single, "She's Mine," he segued into an unreleased new tune.

While Moore didn't officially introduce his new song, it's possible that its title is "Janie Blue," who is the character he sings to in the lyrics. Mid-tempo and reflective, the track reasons with a love interest who keeps finding reasons to turn away from the relationship.

"Why you wanna keep running from the one thing that's been true?" Moore sings in the chorus. "Can't keep clingin' to my Janie Blue."

In 2019, Moore revealed that he'd thought his album was finished -- but then he found some more material he wanted to add. Regardless of how he changes the details of the project, the singer says he thinks fans will able to see the evolution that guided him through his latest album-making process.

"I think you can hear the growth I have gone through in my own life from one record to the next," he reflects.

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