Little Big Town member Kimberly Schlapman says her own issues with infertility and experiences with adoption are part of the inspiration behind an upcoming children's book. The country star will release the new book, A Dolly for Christmas, this fall.

Schlapman is open about her struggles to conceive a child: She was unable to become pregnant during her marriage to Steven Roads, who died of a heart attack in 2005. She married her current husband, Stephen Schlapman, in 2006, and was shocked when she became pregnant soon after with their first daughter, Daisy Pearl.

In A Dolly For Christmas, Schlapman gives readers insight into her own family's remarkable story. As she grew up, Daisy Pearl shared her wish for a sibling, but Schlapman and her husband found themselves struggling to make a pregnancy happen. In January of 2017, the couple adopted a baby girl, Dolly Grace, making all of Daisy Pearl's dreams come true.

“[Daisy] never stopped believing," Schlapman tells People, "and where, at times, my husband and I were discouraged and heartbroken over things not working out, Daisy never gave up.

"One day, her prayers and her dreams were answered in the most incredible way," the singer adds. "She now has a baby sister that she loves more than life.”

Schlapman says she hopes A Dolly for Christmas will bring comfort to other families who find themselves navigating difficulties while trying to conceive. “I just want people to be hopeful and to know that if they’re in the middle of a struggle, they are not alone,” Schlapman explains.

“We walked those same roads, and they are very, very difficult," she admits. "But, in the end, there is restoration and there are children who are waiting for them.”

A Dolly for Christmas is due out on Oct. 6.

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