Four Nashville bars, including Kid Rock's Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock 'n' Roll Steakhouse, have had their beer permits suspended after being found in violation of the city's COVID-19-related Phase 2 reopening guidelines. Each establishment was seen serving customers at the bar, in violation of the rules for gradual re-opening.

The Tennessean reported the suspensions two days after sharing that many of the businesses cited for violations will fight the charges for various reasons. In the case of Kid Rock's bar, owner Steve Smith said the size of the establishment creates enough space to make serving customers safe.

"The Nashville government is, like, communist. They've got us behind a Berlin Wall," he said. "They're doing everything they can to put us out of business. The state of Tennessee is already in Phase 4 and they're talking about holding us in Phase 2. It's against our constitutional rights."

Nudie’s, Moxy Nashville Downtown and Broadway Brewhouse are the other three establishments that had their beer permits suspended. The representative for Nudie’s says he’ll appeal, which all businesses are allowed to do within 14 days. A fine would be a better solution, the rep told the newspaper.

In total, 14 businesses in the Nashville area were cited last weekend. Kid Rock's honky-tonk has drawn plenty of attention since opening, especially during the conversation around business closings in Tennessee. Smith initially resisted the idea of closing bars and restaurants, claiming downtown businesses were being unfairly targeted. A photo that circulated around social media over the weekend showing the bar packed wall-to-wall with unmasked patrons sparked concern.

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