Kid Rock's Michigan property was broken into in July, and now the intruder has been brought to justice.

Brian D. Keith was charged with  felony attempted home invasion and malicious destruction of property, and sentenced to at least 46 months behind bars. The judge went beyond the recommended sentence, citing his previous criminal record -- including 28 misdemeanor and three felony convictions -- as a reason to keep him behind bars in her ruling.

“You’re a tremendous danger to the public, and you have a total disregard for the law,” Judge Wendy Potts said during the sentencing (quote via Taste of Country).

Keith, who cited an alcohol addiction as the reason for the break-in, asked to be sent to a rehab center instead. "I apologize to the victim," he explained (quote via USA Today). "It is the result of addiction. I'm only asking for a chance to have substance abuse treatment."

The judge offered him no sympathy, and said he could stay behind bars for up to 20 years for his crime.

Keith, a father of seven who was unemployed at the time of the break-in, was nabbed thanks to surveillance video the singer released to the public. Kid Rock was not in court at the time of the sentencing, and is not seeking restitution for the $29,000 in damage Keith caused.