Kenny Chesney's next record will detail Life on a Rock. Whether you're referring to the planet, a continent or an island in the Caribbean, the hillbilly rockstar acknowledges, "We're all living life on a rock." Reflecting that motto, the 10-song album was recorded and mixed in Los Angeles, Hawaii, Jamaica, Key West, London and Nashville.

"It's about the way life is when you live on an island," Kenny explains. "Everywhere you go, there's everyone you know; you know everything about them, and they know everything about you ... and that's just a whole other way to be. Coming from Luttrell, Tenn., I can tell you, 'life on a rock' isn't all that different from life in a real small town. It's slower, it's easier, it's more invested and it's also more about really enjoying the moments as they are, when they are."

Fans should soon get a listen to the first tune from the album, "Pirate Flag," which ships to radio today (Jan. 31). The anthem about rebelling against the '9 to 5' lifestyle is only one of the sounds embraced on the CD. The road warrior promises introspective ballads, a duet with Willie Nelson, and a touch of reggae.

The project, which Kenny co-produced with Buddy Cannon, is due out on April 30.

Watch Kenny's 'Come Over' Video