The official, full-length trailer for Ken Burns' eight-part, 16-hour Country Music docu-series answers a complex question -- what makes country music a lasting phenomenon? -- in a succinct manner. With help from Dolly Parton, Garth Brooks, Rhiannon Giddens, Loretta Lynn, Rosanne Cash, Willie Nelson and Charley Pride, Burns and his supporting cast conclude that the genre survives and thrives because it's ultimately about relatable, believable songs performed by relatable, believable people.

"I believe that you can go look and find a country song that will help you feel better," Pride says. "Sometimes it might make you cry, but it'll make you feel better."

The series admits that on the surface, country music is a business in which even the hallowed Grand Ole Opry started as a means to sell life insurance. Yet ever since the original country music recording star, Fiddlin' John Carson, found a means to monetize roots music nearly 100 years ago, the genre has remained one of the most honest and down-to-earth staples of popular culture.

Country Music will debut on Sept. 15 at 8PM ET on PBS, and will air in consecutive Sunday-through-Wednesday blocks: Sept. 15-18 and Sept. 22-25. The documentary covers the genre from the very roots of American music to the pivotal year of 1996.

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