Kelsea Ballerini's creativity is on full display in her new "Heartfirst" music video. The song is about the push and pull of taking a chance on love. Instead of listening to what her mind says, she opts to follow her heart.

The music video finds Ballerini playing a girl who might have just met the love of her life after bumping into him on the street. Sadly, the love interest in the video is not her husband Morgan Evans, but there is a likeness between the two.

The video features many elaborate scenes, as Ballerini rides a rollercoaster through the clouds, sings on top of a Craps table, and even strums her guitar next to a cheetah in the desert. All of these are mixed in with the "Dibs" singer on top of an actual wooden rollercoaster.

The climax of the video is when Ballerini climbs a ladder into the heavens before leaping into the sky. It's the perfect visual for the lyrics "But I'm gonna jump right in / Baby, with my heart first."

Ballerini was heavily involved in the making to the video as she designed the entire treatment. You'll spot her name in the ending credits.

Recently, the Tennessee native updated fans on the progress of her next album. In an Instagram post, she noted that she had spent the day listening to the final mixes of the upcoming project. Although a release date and title have yet to be confirmed, it's safe to assume the album will arrive before the end of the year.

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