On her Favorite Colors album's title track, Kelleigh Bannen explores how every stage of life informs a person's growth -- even (and, perhaps, especially) the most painful stages. Read on to learn the story behind "Your Favorite Colors," as told by the artist herself.

The song "Your Favorite Colors" is about a long goodbye, essentially: Of realizing that you knew everything about somebody, and the only thing you didn't know about them is why your relationship didn't work, and where it'll end.

That's heavy. But it's also one of my favorite songs on the record. I wrote it with one of my best friends, Will Bowen, who produced it; it's one of a handful [of songs on the record] that he produced. Most of the record was done by Jaren Johnston of the Cadillac Three, who I also love.

We started talking about, "Well, what if the album is actually all these shades that are emotions and experiences?" That was how we decided to name the album Favorite Colors. But it's not even specifically [the colors that you like the best]. Some of them are really painful colors, but they're all important colors, so you kind of learn to love and appreciate them.

I think I have a love-hate relationship with all growing and learning experiences, because I don't think there is a better tool for empathy and growth than pain. I think that the things that I like the most about myself now came from the most terrible moments of my story. Like, losing a sibling -- you would never choose that, but I'm a way better person because I went through that.

I hate that part of my story in some ways, but I also love it, because I think being able to mourn with somebody, or sit with them in sadness, is really, really important. It's one of the best gifts you can give somebody. So yeah, I think it's that thing -- it's almost like loving your scars.

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