Singer-songwriter Keith Walker is sharing an acoustic performance of his newest single, "That Song," exclusively with readers of The Boot. Press play above to watch.

Recorded using only Walker, his guitar and a drummer, this acoustic performance of "That Song" stays true to the song's intimate vibe. Walker wrote the tune to focus on the powerful way that music can help people recall memories, even the ones that sting.

"Music has a way of bringing you back to a memory and makes time disappear so that the memory feels brand new," Walker tells The Boot. "Sometimes, those memories can be painful and almost makes you hate that song. That's the place we were writing from when my co-writers and I went to get this one out."

"That Song" is Walker's most recent single. He released the song in June.

""That Song" is one that I am truly proud of as an artist and songwriter," Walker says. "Being a songwriter, you write a stack of songs before you find that one that really hits home, and when that song finds you, you can feel it, and [this] was exactly that for me."

California-born but now based in Nashville -- ever since moving to the South to attend Middle Tennessee State University -- Walker is multi-talented artist. Songs of his have landed in the Top 30 on the MusicRow charts and the Top 40 and Top 50 of the Billboard Indicator chart. As a video editor, he also recently received recognition at the 2018 CMT Music Awards for his work on Carrie Underwood's "The Champion" video, which earned Female Video of the Year and was nominated for two other trophies.

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