Which of these two CD covers do you like better? Keith Urban wants to know! The country superstar's eighth studio album, 'Get Closer,' is due in stores November 16, and he can't quite decide on the artwork yet. So he's asking for your input. Do you like the closeup shot of Keith with a woman's arms around him? (Wife Nicole Kidman, we're guessing?) Or do you prefer Keith solo, sitting on a bed with his guitar beside him? Let us know your preference in the comments section below, and we'll pass your votes on to Keith himself.

"It's connected to intimacy," Keith explains of choosing 'Get Closer' as the album's title. "To whatever it is that I'm trying to achieve, I've got to 'get closer,' whether that be to love or any of my goals or dreams ... That's what we all need to do. It's a big, open-ended meaning. Ultimately, [the fans] will all find [their] own connection to what this title means."

The album's first single is 'Put You in a Song,' which Keith co-wrote with Jedd Hughes and Sarah Buxton, who was also a co-writer on his Grammy-winning hit, 'Stupid Boy.'