Keith Urban didn't actually go to Tokyo to film his newest music video, "Coming Home," but he and collaborator Julia Michaels did go to California. That bar they're performing in is the Cowboy Palace in Chatsworth, Calif. -- "the last real honky-tonk," as it's been dubbed.

Readers can press play above to go behind the scenes of the "Coming Home" video. The clip shows Urban and Michaels goofing off on set, filming scenes and taking direction from "conceptualist" (as Urban calls him) Andy Hines.

"I wanted to take the viewer and the listeners on an audio visual experience that was different ..." explains Hines, the video's director. "We don't know if what we're looking at is a reality or a dream."

Urban and Michaels co-wrote "Coming Home with JR Rotem and Nicolle Galyon. Country icon Merle Haggard is also credited as a a writer on the track, as it samples the guitar riff from his song "Mama Tried."

"I didn't set out to write a song about coming home, but when I heard that Haggard lick, it kept making me think of that," Urban says. "When I brought Julia in, she said, 'I know it's only one phone call away, but it's not the same.' She just summed up the whole song in one simple phrase!"

"Coming Home" appears on Urban's newest album, Graffiti U

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