The pressure is on for Keith Urban with his newest single, "Blue Ain't Your Color": The song is the fourth single from 2016's Ripcord and follows five consecutive No. 1s. And although the melodic tune is a bit of a throwback to an earlier generation of music, it contains all the elements that make it perfect for an artist such as Urban.

"I didn’t want it to feel like a typical sonic presentation of a waltz. I wanted to try and mess with that a little bit, which is what drove the drum machine," Urban recently explained to The Boot and other reporters about "Blue Ain't Your Color." "Machinery drives the song, because you don’t normally have machinery in a waltz, unless you’ve got a cheap-a-- organ. But I wanted to tinker and mix stuff to get a drum machine, and then got a string guitar, and then soaked in Reefer Telecaster and just messed with the combinations to try and give it its own sonic thumbprint."

Written by Hillary Lindsey, Steven Lee Olsen and Clint Lagerberg, "Blue Ain't Your Color" received a music video treatment that's also got a retro vibe. Shot by renowned black-and-white photographer Carter Smith, the clip stars supermodel Amber Valletta.

"It felt fresh to my ears, and I loved the story," explains Urban. "It’s a very stylized black-and-white video, unlike anything I’ve ever done before."

Urban is currently crossing the country on his 2016 Ripcord World Tour, with Maren MorrisBrett Eldredge and Dallas Smith joining as his opening acts. Morris has covered "Blue Ain't Your Color" on her own, and she joins Urban onstage each night for another one his big hits, "We Were Us."

"She’s such a stylist," Urban boasts. "She’s such a powerhouse singer. It’s been awesome having her on the tour."

But Urban will have another tourmate -- Carrie Underwood -- when he returns to his homeland of New Zealand and Australia at the end of the year for a co-headlining tour.

"It’s surreal that I’ve never toured in New Zealand, ever," Urban admits. "So, I'm really looking forward to getting down there and getting to do that. And the fact that Carrie Underwood is coming down to perform with us as well, it’s going to be a blast."

"Blue Ain't Your Color" is available for download on iTunes, and a list of all of Urban's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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